What Is International History Now? — Australian Historical Association annual conference hosted by The Australian National University

What Is International History Now? (549)

Glenda Sluga , Sarah Dunstan , Beatrice Wayne , Claire Wright , Ben Huf

The origins of history as a discipline are inextricable from the scale of the international. History’s earliest aims were defined as the study of the primacy of foreign policy and diplomacy. Yet we live in a moment where there are only a few historians who name themselves international, and few departments, courses, or chairs that announce this sub-field in history departments in Australia, or in the world. On the model of an older adventure in historiographical reflection under the rubric ‘What is History?’, and ‘What is History Now?’, the aim of this round table is to discuss the state of international history, from its ‘new’ foci on international organizations and ideas, its new archives and new methodologies to its connections to the ongoing discussions on globalizing historiography. Offering an array of perspectives on the 'state of the field' so-to-speak, of this particular 'scale of history,’ historians from the International History Laureate at the University of Sydney will also reflect upon potential future avenues of research.